Raya Islands

Racha Yai and Racha Noi Islands Sitting south of Phuket, 1 hr 30 minutes and 2 hrs respectively, lie these 2 granite islands. Due to its clear water and easy sandy bottoms, Racha Yai is the perfect location for Phuket dive training. On the other hand, Racha Noi tends to have stronger currents, but offers huge numbers of schooling barracudas, batfish and quite often manta rays.

Koh Dok Mai, Shark Point & King Cruiser
Anemone Fish at Koh Doc Mai

Koh Dok Mai, Shark Point and the King Cruiser Only 1 hour from Phuket, Koh Dok Mai offers a huge array of soft corals and critters such as seahorses and ghost pipefish, and on its day can be a very impressive wall dive. Sitting directly between Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands lies Shark Point. A group of 3 pinnacles, of which the one farthest north just breaks the surface. The site got its name from the number of resident leopard sharks that like to hang out here. With an amazing array of soft and hard corals, many species of marine species can be found, including sting rays and moray eels. If you are very lucky, sometimes whale sharks are sighted in this area. Only 400 metres from Shark Point, and sitting directly upright on the sandy bottom, lays a car ferry wreck that sank in 1997. At 90 metres long the 'King Cruiser' has become the perfect Phuket hide away for marine life such as lion fish, moray eels, snappers and jacks. If you are a fan of wreck diving, this is certainly not one to miss.

Phi Phi Island

The Phi Phi Islands are located 48 km south east of Phuket and are reached by express boat in 2 hours. These limestone islands are stunning and offer a large variety of dive sites, including cave and wall dives. The hard and soft corals are very healthy and there is a large variety of marine life, including leopard sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, moray eels, turtles and octopus.

Half day tours

The west coast of Phuket Island

A short trip by long-tail boat (Thai traditional wooden boat) from Patong Beach takes you to a variety of local dive sites. These Phuket diving sites have many types of hard and soft corals, colourful tropical fishes and marine life.  

Coral Island

Only 40 minutes by boat south of Phuket Island, lies Coral Island. Again this dive site has many types of hard and soft corals, colourful tropical fishes and marine life.

First Class Phuket Diving experience

  • No Overcrowding, Small Groups & Personal service

    To make sure that you have a personalized & fun experience we only take 20 divers. Each diving group is kept to a ratio of 4 divers : 1 experienced dive guide ensuring you supervision & safety at all times. Unlike others we transfer and set up all of your scuba equipment for you. Just jump on board and relax. We will ensure that you won't waist a minute of your valuable holiday time!

  • Safety

    Full safety and boat briefings are given during your day trip. Each Scuba Diver carries a Surface Marker Buoy on each dive. We are fully equipped for safety and carry a comprehensive first aid kit, 40 life jackets, fire extinguishers, DAN oxygen supply, depth sounder and all safety equipment as required by Thai Law.

First class day diving 

Dive packages:       Price:

1 day - 2 dives           3,800
             3 dives           4,100

3 day package         10,200

5 day package         16,900

7 day package         22,900

*prices per person/ Thai Baht


Monday 3 dives:

  • King Cruiser, Shark Point, Koh Doc Mai

Tuesday & Saturday 2 dives:

  • Raya Yai Island

Wednesday  & Sunday 2 dives:

  • Phi Phi Island

Thursday 2 dives:

  • Raya Noi Island

Friday 3 dives:

  • King Cruiser, Anemone Reef, Koh Doc Mai